man: Manual
pwdPrint working directory
suSwith user
cdChange directory
lsList files
psProcess Status
mkdirMake directory
rmdirRemove directory
mkfs: Make file system
fsck:File system check
cat: Concatenate
uname: Unix name
df: Disk free
du: Disk usage
lsmod: List modules
mv: Move file
rm: Remove file
cp: Copy file
ln: Link files
fg: Foreground
bg: Background
chown: Change owner
chgrp: Change group
chmod: Change mode
umount: Unmount
dd: 本来应根据其功能描述“Convert an copy”命名为“cc”,但“cc”已经被用以代表“C Complier”,所以命名为“dd”
tar:Tape archive
lddList dynamic dependencies
insmodInstall module
rmmodRemove module
lsmodList module

文件结尾的"rc"(如.bashrc、.xinitrc等):Resource configuration
Knnxxx / Snnxxx(位于rcx.d目录下):K(Kill);S(Service);nn(执行顺序号);xxx(服务标识)
.a(扩展名a):Archive,static library
.so(扩展名so):Shared object,dynamically linked library
.o(扩展名o):Object file,complied result of C/C++ source file
RPMRed hat package manager
dpkgDebian package manager
Advanced package tool(Debian或基于Debian的发行版中提供)

To be continued...                                  



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